Voting in Elections

Ghana is renowned for its peaceful and lively elections at both national and local government levels. Most people on the electoral register are young, first time voters. They are impressionable and can be manipulated to cause violence. Running radio workshops, debates and jingles in the months preceding the elections, effectively reduces the risk of elections being disrupted.


Anti-Witchcraft Campaign

Elderly women accused of being witches are sometimes subject to violent attacks. We make the public aware of the illegality and barbarism of this practice, and the need to eradicate it.


Stopping Forced Marriage

Girls as young as twelve are abducted and forced to marry old men. Often the girl’s parents condone the practice for financial reasons.


Gender equality and social inclusion

Democratic governance is being strengthened by creating strong, grass roots committees responsive to the needs of vulnerable groups i.e. the disabled, women and girls and young people generally. “Some of the women’s committees have successfully influenced local chiefs to abolish widowhood rites. These rites may involve shaving of widows’ hair, stripping of widows naked in public, ritual bathing, solitary confinement and forcing widows to marry their late husband’s brother. There is gradual realisation that such practices are barbaric and dehumanising.”