In 1993 a young Ghanaian teacher invited his former university lecturer from Britain to visit his village, Sandema, located in the poorest region of Ghana. That was the start of an enduring partnership which has developed into a highly successful, unique educational institution.

The project started as a partnership between Sandema Educational Resource Centre (SERC) in the U.K. and the Foundation for Integrated and Strategic Development (FISTRAD) in Ghana.

Since then its success has attracted the attention and support of other agencies, e.g. the governments of Ghana, Germany, Denmark and France, as well as charities working in Ghana.

We do not rely on one sponsor, private or public. This autonomy enables us to act as an influential catalyst in shaping public policy, expressing public opinion and influencing government.

In 2013 Richard Alandu took part in a national competition and was awarded a Community Hero prize for his contribution to the economic empowerment of deprived people.


Patrick and Richard